You will find here plans we don't have a short kit for. All the plans are printed on a A0 printer and are send folded in an envelop. Paper is white paper, 90gr/sq. meter

We can also print your plans, whether your own design or plans found on internet, as outerzone, aérofred or hip pocket

Indicative prices to print your plans

Plans CAD B&W, only lines:                                               4€ per meter, 91cm wide.

Plans B&W, not CAD, for instance  RCM plans):             7€ per meter, 91cm wide.

Other, B&W or colour:                                                        10€ per meter, 91cm width


Price are indicatives, please e-mail with your plans included.

Finally, we can also change the scale of a plan on demand, save it in PDF and print if desired.


Anderson Pylon  110cm      9€+S&H

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Red Zephyr 183cm         17€+S&H

Read more: Red zephyr 183cm

Arrow 116cm          9€+S&H


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Scorpion 168cm          15€+S&H

Read more: scorpion

Baby Bombshell          9€+S&H


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Shrimpo 91cm          9€+S&H

Read more: Shrimpo 91cm

Buzzard Bombshell   182cm   12€+S&H

Read more: Buzzard Bombshell

Simplex 102cm         9€+S&H

Read more: Simplex 102cm

Cirrus 120cm        10€+port

Cirrus - completed model photo

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Sniffer 75cm          9€+S&H

Read more: Sniffer 75cm

Elfbiplane 150cm         22€+S&H

Read more: Elfbiplane

Strato Streak 122cm      9€+S&H

Read more: Strato streak

Fly away 182cm      12€+S&H


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Super Zomby 112cm          13€+S&H

Read more: Super Zomby 112cm

Long cabin 198cm     8€+S&H


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Tomahawk 108cm          13€+S&H


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Pretty Baby 121cm          10€+S&H

Read more: Pretty Baby

Viking 136cm          12€+S&H

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Rambler 172cm         12€+S&H

Read more: Rambler 172cm

Westerner 214cm          20€+S&H


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