Piano wires

0.8mm                                                  0.4€

2mm                                                     0.8€

3mm                                                     1.2€



Dope-tautening 250ml :                            7€


Carbon tape 80g/m, width 20mm

This extremely thin and light carbon tape is used to reinforce spars and can also be used as dihedral brace in light models. Use epoxy or cyano to glue it to the wood parts.

2m : 5€



Transparent covering film. Light and strong, it is also cheaper than plastic covering films. Width 312mm, thickness 38 microns. Download the manual here

5m :                                                        6€



registration 4 pieces

height 4cm maximum length max 30 cm :     6€ 

Sample : OO AZ-1536



Balsa stripper.  12€ + S&H


Buying balsa strips is often difficult, find the shop with strips in stock is often a nightmare... But there is a solution...

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